Did you know … H2O – a life force that sustains us.

All living things on earth need water to survive and while human beings can live several weeks without food, they can only live a few days without water. Only oxygen is more essential to our survival.

Your donations have supported the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation’s efforts in Zimbabwe for many years. Whether it’s drilling a new well, or maintaining and repairing existing wells, the end result is the same: improving quality of life for the people of Zimbabwe by providing clean and life-sustaining water for drinking, cooking, hygiene, gardens and livestock.


However … there is still much to do and with your support, we will make a difference to thousands more!

Your donations will keep clean water flowing in more villages of Zimbabwe and as written in that eloquent poem from a Zimbabwe student, “water is life.” Help give better “life” to thousands of children and adults. Make your contribution now to the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation.

Donations can be made online by MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express, as well as by check or money transfer. For information on a money transfer, please email info@rosshirtwaterforafricafoundation.com. To make a check donation, download the donation form and mail to Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation, 3817 Bentworth Lane, Columbus, OH 43230.