Did you know? … In July 2015, Zimbabwe was ranked as one of the two poorest countries in the world. 

Are you an educator, member of a high school service club (such as the Key Club), active in your local Rotary International or Kiwanis Service Club … or want to make a difference to the people of Zimbabwe simply because you care?

You can hold a fundraiser on behalf of the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation. Below are just a few ideas to consider … and we encourage organizations and individuals to also think of their own.

  • Educators can hold a walkathon, either school-wide or by grade, to raise funds. Students can collect pledges and walk a pre-designated route and distance with their classmates and teachers to earn the pledge. They can also set up collection boxes in the school for additional donations.
  • Hold a water relay back and forth across the length of a football field, with participants carrying a gallon of water in each hand. In Zimbabwe, women, children and even the elderly are responsible for trudging miles upon miles in their villages to find the closest source of water (which is generally filthy and contaminated) and then they carry that water back to the family in large buckets and containers – again walking miles and miles. Raise pledges for each leg or person doing the relay.
  • Work with your school or organizational service club to raise funds among other members, fellow employees, friends and relatives – or allocate the funds for your organization to be a Gold Sponsor and have a well dedicated in your name.

These are just a few basic ideas that could help inspire some other creative and fun fundraisers. To discuss holding an event in support of the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation, send an email to info@rosshirtwaterforafricafoundation.com. We will also work with your group to create and distribute a press release about the fundraiser.