Making a Difference to Thousands Upon Thousands …

Each trip made me realize how easily we can take life for granted – with our nice homes, new cars and the latest gadgets. Seeing for myself the suffering of entire families in remote villages on the other side of the world has really opened my eyes. Knowing that there are people who are dying of an illness like cholera because they have no clean, safe water to drink or cook with – but doing nothing to help – is inexcusable.

In addition to drilling ten wells and providing maintenance and needed repairs, our efforts have helped improve the quality of life for thousands of families and individuals, making a difference in so many ways:

  • Distributed thousands of pounds of maize meal (grain) – nearly six semi-truckloads.
  • Gave educational resources to schools for children and teachers.
  • Helped families with the cost of school tuition.
  • Purchased groceries for hundreds of families.
  • Bought clothes for children.
  • Donated hundreds of personal hygiene products, including toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Provided financial support to AIDS hospice care.
  • Clean water wells are now a source of water for livestock and gardens.
  • Reduced the incidence of severe illness and death from cholera, dysentery and other diseases that come from drinking contaminated water.

In areas where wells have been drilled, cholera and typhoid are now diseases of the past as clean and safe water has now been provided. Thank you for helping out our distressed community and thank you so much for making a difference through clean and safe water! Indeed you have quenched the thirsty of Africa.

Easton Moko

Mission Statement

Our mission is to save the lives of people in undeveloped areas of Zimbabwe by providing access to clean and sanitary water through the drilling and routine maintenance of deep wells.


The RWFAF was initially formed as a 501c3 in 2006 as the Rosshirt Foundation; it was re-formed in September 2010 as the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation. Through its efforts, 10 wells have been drilled in highly undeveloped villages of Zimbabwe, which collectively serve 25,000 people every day.

The RWFAF is also one of the only foundations that ensures there is ongoing maintenance and repairs to the wells in Zimbabwe. We are committed to making sure there is safe and accessible water for thousands of people for years to come.

How We Do It

Pure and simple, our donors are how we do it!

Our success continues because of the donations and caring of the wonderful people and grantors who financially support the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation.

We continue to fundraise and apply for grants in order so that we may drill new wells, and maintain all existing ones.

Our Future

The Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation will continue to ensure annual inspections, maintenance and needed repairs are performed on each of the ten wells. Our goal is to create The Renovation & Restoration Fund which will be used to pay for these expenses.

In addition to taking care of our existing wells, there are hundreds more boreholes throughout Zimbabwe that are dry and inoperable because the needed inspections, maintenance and repairs were not done by those who initially installed them. This fund would also be used to help restore some of those wells to full functionality, and provide thousands more people with clean and accessible water once again – and help quench the thirst for sanitary drinking water in Zimbabwe.

How gratifying it is to know that since my first trip to Zimbabwe in 2006 through the most recent one in 2014, life has changed for thousands of people in many poor areas of this country.