A message from Tim Rosshirt, founder and executive director of the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation …


It was after my first trip to Zimbabwe in 2005 to provide food and financial support for hundreds of people in villages near Harare, Zimbabwe that I realized our purpose was so much bigger than ever imagined.

 I will never forget the face of a young boy in the streets of Zimbabwe during that trip, crying and begging for what he saw me carrying in my hand … a bottle of water. A simple bottle of water that we take for granted and often discard because the water is no longer cold. All this little boy wanted was a drink of water.

Suddenly, I came to see how was naïve I’d been in thinking the biggest need for the villagers in this impoverished country was food. It was water – the source of life and for the people we help, it is renewed hope. I realized that helping the people of Zimbabwe to have safe and accessible drinking water was the true focus of the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation and the beginning of our real journey, which was finding sources of water to build and maintain clean, safe wells for the villages of this undeveloped country.

This has been our journey:

  • From 2005 to 2009, three mission trips to bring life-sustaining food, financial support and hope to the people living in remote villages near Harare, Zimbabwe. It was on the third trip that the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation drilled its first three wells.
  • Our fourth trip to Zimbabwe was in 2012, when four additional wells were drilled. Not only do these wells serve people living in the villages, they all serve some sort of educational and training facility, including an adult prison and children’s juvenile center.
  • In 2014, Tim Rosshirt made his fifth trip to Zimbabwe, this time to the most rugged and desolate areas of the country he’d been to yet – and where three additional new wells were drilled. One of the wells, funded by a grant from the National Groundwater Research and Educational Foundation in Columbus, was drilled in the Bongo Village and immediately became an unexpected godsend to hundreds of displaced families:No one could have predicted the major difference made by this well. Just days after it was completed in early February 2014, torrential rains caused dangerous and massive flooding in a village 100 miles away from Bongo. A state of emergency was declared and over 1,000 families were relocated by the International Red Cross to a temporary tent city near the well. This well is by far the most productive and life sustaining well that the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation has installed.
  • In 2015, the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation instituted the second phase of its efforts: ensuring annual inspections, maintenance and needed repairs of all ten wells drilled since 2009. Over $25,000 was spent in 2015 to ensure the continued flow of safe and clean water to the thousands of families who each day rely upon access to this life-sustaining and life-saving source of sanitary water.

We are proud to say that in 2016, all ten wells continue to collectively provide access to clean water for over 25,000 people of Zimbabwe EVERY DAY!

December 2015

 Dear Sir:

Kadoma Training Institute is sincerely appreciative of the donation of the borehole. It also extends its gratitude for the repairs of the same borehole. We are thankful that Rosshirt Foundation is taking care of repairs since as an institute, our coffers are dry. The borehole is catering for our livestock, garden as well as drink consumption. We recognize your philanthropic work and we hope you will continue with the good work.

Yours faithfully,

E. Muchokwani, Principal Superintendent

If we can save the life of only one person, all our efforts will be worth it.