Saving Lives … One Well at a Time

The Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation, Inc. drills and maintains water wells (boreholes) that bring accessible, safe and clean drinking water EVERY DAY to more than 25,000 people living in undeveloped and remote areas of Zimbabwe, Africa.

Your support of the Renovation & Restoration Fund

will help us continue to inspect, maintain and repair our wells … and keep safe water flowing for thousands upon thousands of people in Zimbabwe.

Water for Africa

Water for Africa

Water for Africa

Water for Africa

Since 2009, 10 wells have been built by the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation – and this success is from the caring and financial support of our donors and funders. Continued donations help the foundation’s ongoing efforts to make a forever difference in the lives of thousands of families and individuals, their livestock and their gardens.

The Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation provides clean and accessible water to over 25,000 people every day  …  Learn About the Need


Three new boreholes were drilled in 2014, bringing the total number of wells to 10 – which collectively are providing life-sustaining clean water to over 25,000 people of Zimbabwe every day! The Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation is proud to say that each well remains functional in 2016, with sanitary, clean water flowing daily – because we provide annual inspections, maintenance and needed repairs to the boreholes. Over $25,000 was paid by the foundation in 2015 to ensure the ongoing functionality of every well in each village or community we serve.

Water for Africa


Water for Africa


clean drinking water for Africa


clean drinking water


Tim Rosshirt, founder and director of the Rosshirt Water for Africa Foundation, knows it is because of the ongoing support of so many caring donors that thousands upon thousands of people in Zimbabwe have better health and renewed hope.

It is hard to forget the outpouring of gratitude expressed by the families who, until we installed a well in their village, had to walk miles for any source of water. Over the years, so many people told us that having clean water has protected them from deadly cholera and other water-borne disease, and made cooking and hygiene sanitary. In fact, we learned during our trip in 2012 that a well drilled in 2009 that was expected to serve 100 people was actually helping over 400. That confirmed our greatest hope: we are saving lives!

What a difference we have made. Knowing that we are saving lives and improving living conditions by giving clean water is so rewarding. You can read more about our journey and success in the 2014 newsletter.


Water for Africa


access to clean drinking water

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